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AURAFA003 - Communicate effectively in an automotive workplace (Release 1)

Assessment Book, Learner Guide, Assessor Guide, PowerPoint and Mapping Matrix.


BSBDES201 - Follow a design process (Release 1)

Assessment Book, Learner Guide, Assessor Guide, Lesson Plan, PowerPoint and Mapping Matrix


Freeware - Trainer's Record Sheets

Due to many requests, they're back and great for practical areas which would destroy a laptop such as studios, workshops or in the field. You can share or copy these as long as you keep the credits in the document.

These units are already online - Goto the ACR shop and select your category, select the item, create a logon and view the cart (top right).

There are also many units in final checking and and shortly to go online and hundreds more, about to be updated from old versions.  Please contact us if you have urgent priorities. Expect a turn around time of two weeks for new units.

AHCBAC201 - Assist agricultural crop establishment (Release 1)

AHCWHS201 - Participate in work health and safety processes (Release 1)

AURAFA003 - Communicate effectively in an automotive workplace (Release 1)

BSBADM307 - Organise schedules (Release 1)

BSBCRT101 - Apply critical thinking techniques (Release 1)

BSBCRT301 - Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills (Release 1)

BSBDES201 - Follow a design process (Release 1)

BSBIND201 - Work effectively in a business environment (Release 1)

BSBITU307 - Develop keyboarding speed and accuracy (Release 2)

BSBWHS201 - Contribute to health and safety of self and others (Release 1)

CUAACD301 - Produce drawings to communicate ideas (Release 1)

CUADIG301 - Prepare video assets (Release 1)

CUADIG305 - Produce digital images (Release 2)

CUAPPR302 - Document the creative work progress (Release 1)

CUAPPR304 - Participate in collaborative creative projects (Release 1)

CUARES301 - Apply knowledge of history and theory to own arts practice (Release 1)

MEM18001C - Use hand tools (Release 1)

MSFGN2001 - Make measurements and calculations (Release 1)

SISXDIS002 - Plan and conduct disability programs (Release 1)


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